There is a wide range of areas in which we practice.

The central principle upon which we act and provide services is problem solving. When we talk of ‘areas of law’ we are talking about a body of law in which the answers to the particular problems are to be found; and we work to ensure that the appropriate principle is applied to the issue.

We approach each matter in this way and we have up to 35 years experience within the firm of achieving results.

Our practice is centred on matters of commerce, both contentious and non contentious. We have wide experience in representation in litigious matters in Western Australia and also arranging representation interstate and overseas. We have direct contacts with firms in Australia and overseas and an ability to either solve directly the legal problems involved in a particular case or direct and assist such solutions by references onto one or more of our contacts.

We try to achieve a solution ourselves in all cases where that can be done. We prefer to at least attempt a non litigious solution before resorting to litigation.

If that is not possible we provide appropriate service in all areas of our practice.

We have solicitors available for consultation with clients during all working hours and in urgent cases after hours. We put ourselves at our clients’ service at all times and assure our clients of the very best attention and professional service.