About us


Our experience over the years shows that there is very often an overlap between various areas of law in a given case; for example, a commercial case will often involve questions relating to employment, insurance, intellectual property, negotiation and even insolvency.

We have the resources within the firm to deal with all these areas of work and in house Counsel to deal with specialised forensic or litigious issues.

The independent Bar of Western Australia and elsewhere in Australia will be used if required by the client or if deemed necessary in an appropriate case.

Our services include obtaining the instructions, dealing with all other parties involved, locally and interstate and overseas, being involved in the negotiations if a mediation is involved and taking the case through to trial, usually using in house Counsel, but employing external Counsel where appropriate and as required.

We are able to see all cases under our care to completion from start to finish.

We have the full range of services available from non litigious commercial work focussing mainly on commercial contracts. We can negotiate same and draw all necessary documentation to ensure the full use and enforceability of such arrangements.