International Dispute Resolution

Settling of disputes involving people and companies in different jurisdictions where different laws might apply to the issue in question and in the application of the International Arbitration Act passed by the Commonwealth. Read more

Mining and Gas Law Specialists

As energy and resources exploration becomes increasingly affected by global economics and politics, navigating the legal interests surrounding it becomes more difficult, and you need the best guidance. Read more

Negotiation and Mediation Services

The attempt in all cases to negotiate a solution prior to litigation and even if after the litigation or arbitrations commence the Mediation of that dispute before Trial. Read more

MJ McPhee Barrister & Solicitors is a respected Western Australian law firm involved in commercial law for clients in Australia and overseas

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MJ McPhee Barrister & Solicitors was established in Fremantle, Western Australia in 1978. The firm has affiliated offices in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane.

We practise in various areas of commercial work and litigation for a broad range of clients. Our clientele vary from individuals and small businesses to national companies and international clients. We also practise in alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration and mediation.

The firm’s philosophy is to ensure high professional standards, prompt efficient service, availability of principals to clients and community involvement.

The firm prides itself on providing a wide ranging, efficient and cost effective service aimed at meeting the needs of its clients both in Australia and overseas.